Warm greetings from the Island of Vieques, Puerto Rico.  Today the Navy officially notified the Puerto Rican government of their intention to resume exercises on Vieques for twenty days starting April 1st.  The Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques (CRDV), together with other groups in Vieques and on the big island, work out last details for the peacefull civil disobedience actions that will take place if and when the bombing begins.  It is our duty to try to stop Navy bombing that is responsible for the environmental and health crises that have been killing our people during more than sixty years.

A week before bombing begins, military personnel place at the Post Office here a warning to fishermen and other operators of small boats, about dangerous and restricted zones, also indicating days and hours of military exercises.   With this information we will have a clearer idea of the bombing calendar and, thereby, a clearer idea of our shedule of operations. 

During those days, we will be coordinating a series of protest actions and denunciations in Puerto Rico, in the US and in countries where there are friends of Vieques.   We know the forces for peace in our world posess great creativity and capacity to develop protest actions that will have impact and raise consciousness.  Again we appeal to that creativity and solidarity  to carry out actions for peace on Vieques on the days the US Navy continues to bomb our island.
Educational activities (handing out literature, showing documentaries, music-poetry in solidarity, picketing, acts of civil disobedience) or protest through the mass media will help put more pressure on the United States to immediately and permanently cease their war practices on Vieques. Messages and declarations from leading religious, political, sports or artistic figures to the CRDV can also be very powerful.

In  Vieques we are prepared to directly confront the military monster that rapes our sea and lands, that violates our most basic rights to live in peace with dignity.  We hope that a concerted effort of people at different points around the globe, with the positive energies that eminate from those who live and work for peace, will have important repercussions for us and for all who participate in this walk for justice.  

Civil disobedience includes a wide variety of actions, beyond the entrance into restricted zones and arrest.  During the process of protest during the past two years, the Peace and Justice Camp (PJC) becomes the center of operations, a place for shelter and meetings for participants in the civil disobedience actions and other aspects of the protest.  The CRDV and the PJC movilize our people to prepare food, coffee, water, cleaing of the letrines, work with telephones and other equipment in the CRDV office at the Camp, for prayer, music, the picketting, transportation of people between Vieques and the main island and between different points of action in Vieques, security at the camp, communications with lawyers and families of disobedients, among other tasks.  The costs of this type of operation are impressive:  gasoline for vehicles - both on land and water - food, water, communications equipment, first aid materials, etc., etc., etc.  Any contribution for this campaign for peace will be greatly appreciated.  Cheques can be sent to the CRDV at the address above.
We would appreciate communications vía email or fax, indicating the possibilities of organizing actions in your geographic area to denounce the continuation of bombing on Vieques.  Persons interested in participating in civil disobedience actions should contact us as soon as possible by email or telephone.
In struggle, in solidarity