19 March, 2002   Viequenses demand urgent action from Governor against bombing

The Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques (CRDV) called on the Governor to urgently tell President Bush that the people of Puerto Rico repudiate the announcement of renewed bombing on Vieques.   Spokespersons Foz the Vieques organization warned that more children on this island municipality will suffer the consequences of the military contamination that makes its way to the civilian sector when the Navy bombs.  According to medical studies, Vieques children – and older people – are more susceptible to the negative effects of the heavy metals and other chemical components of the explosives.
During the past three years, dozens of Viequense children have shown high levels of mercury, lead, cadmiun and even uranium, in studies of blood and hair.  Presently, there are several children at the Puerto Rico Medical Center in process of decontamination, and several others waiting to participate. 
“Our children are more important than Bush’s war, and we hope the Governor feels that was also.  To resume bombing in Vieques is a crime and we must do everything possible to stop it,” said Nilda Medina, spokesperson for the CRDV.
Members of the group called the Governor’s Mansion to ask Sila to communicate Puerto Rico’s rejection of further bombing directly to the President.