21 October, 2002   Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques

Press Release:

Friends in Solidarity with Vieques:

A few notes on our disobedients who will be on trial this week.  Father Mauro Simpson is a Catholic priest from Humacao, Puerto Rico (from the United States, living for 50 years in PR), from the Caguas Diocese.  He is 77 years old.

Ricardo and Andrés Santos Ortiz are sons of the President of the Puerto Rico Electric Company Workers Union (UTIER), Ricardo Santos, and were part of one of several brigades organized over the past years by the Socialist Workers Movement.

Our loved friend and fighter for Vieques, Pedro Colón Almenas, continues in the federal prison until January.   Please write Pedro a note of solidarity and friendship.  It will be a great contribution to the struggle for peace on Vieques.

Prision #  22192-069  MDC Guaynabo   PO Box 2147  San Juan, PR  00902-2147